Brand & Identity


  • Branding and naming of places and projects
  • Brand and identity strategies
  • Development project identity
  • Corporate identity

Wayfinding & 

  • Wayfinding Strategies
  • Signage design and sign systems
  • Sign masterplans 
  • Interpretive and historic site recognition
  • Development site presentation and guidelines
  • Development bid team strategy
  • Development submission writing
  • Tenancy  sign guidelines
  • Transit branding and signage

Urban Design

  • Urban elements design for civic projects e.g. Street furniture
  • Urban design of civic infrastructure and precincts
  • Public art policies and assessment
  • Design management of civic and infrastructure projects
  • Place-making and streetscape studies and plans
  • Design mediation and resolution
  • City Image audits and studies

Media Screens


  • Outdoor advertising site assessment, design and advisory
  • Outdoor advertising policies and guidelines
  • Civic and commercial advertising policies and guidelines
  • Outdoor advertising development assessment


  • Governance and NFP Board development
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Site location review and design strategy